Menù of fish

A varied rich and high quality tasty cuisine

Variety and specially selected ingredients are the characteristics of our kitchen!
We love pampering you with tasty dishes and a lot of specialties prepared with love and dedication.
We offer a 3 choice, tasty menu of meat and fish plus a different appetizing special third selection every day!

If you love picking and choosing then try our buffet with its many different types of salad, vegetables and special tasty dishes... for those yummy moments!

Our perfect tastes for your children!

On holiday, children love eating tasty dishes as well as their favourite food.
We know how to take care of them with personalised menus and simple recipes full of goodness!

At breakfast... a sweet and savoury buffet!

A sweet or savoury awakening?

Our breakfast is a tasty buffet: cakes, biscuits, croissants, juices, coffee and cold cuts, eggs, bread and cheese... enjoy eating it in our dining room!

Buffet breakfast